Top 10 Major problems in real estate projects

Construction delays have plagued the sector for quite some time now. Now, while developers are at fault for using the funds of one project for another, we also need to look at other underlying factors.
For a housing project in a metro city, a developer needs over 40 regulatory approvals for starting construction. It takes anywhere from several months to a year or even more. It not only delays a project but also increases the cost of the property by 10-20% for both buyers and developers.

Today the land business is one most prospering industry in India. The interest for private and business property is expanding always as is the quantity of manufacturers and designers who offer exceptional highlights to pull in planned purchasers. A significant job is played by manufacturers and engineers in the redevelopment of lodging social orders.

The expansion in the interest and the offered guarantees does not guarantee that the guarantees will satisfied on schedule. Non conveyance of ownership on time is one of the significant zones of contention between the engineers and the purchasers. There are various situations where developers have set aside more than the expected effort to complete tasks while leaving home purchasers to endure monetary misfortune. Late government endorsements, getting the fulfillment authentication, delay in getting crude material, bond and steel acquisition, labor delay and so on are a portion of the main considerations that add to the deferral caused in taking care of over the ownership to the purchasers. At all be the reason, the deferral in fruition of the venture influences the general spending plan of a designer and directly affects the purchaser. On the off chance that the purchaser has verified a home credit for the level, its reimbursement plan is treated as pre-EMI till the purchaser gets the property’s ownership.

A purchaser is qualified for duty discount under areas 24 (b) and 80 (c) of the Income-Tax Act 1961 simply in the wake of verifying ownership of the property and in this manner beginning of EMI. Till at that point, he gets no expense alleviation on the pre-EMI. Accordingly, the purchaser needs to pay the EMIs of the bank and furthermore the lease for his present living arrangement. The money related misfortune and mental misery that the purchaser needs to confront can’t be remunerated aside from by giving him the physical ownership of his home


Other than the late conveyance of the ownership various different acts of neglect are whined against the manufacturers. Insufficiency in administration, inappropriate civilities, roof spillage, ill-advised seepage framework, fragmented fire security framework, low nature of electrical wiring, ill-advised water arrangements, not giving the occupation testament, and so on are a portion of the real protests against the manufacturers.

Addition of a punishment condition which is one-sided to support them is likewise one of the out of line rehearses submitted by the manufacturers. In the vast majority of the cases, the understanding contains a punishment proviso wherein the purchaser is charged a punishment @ 18% for postponed installments in the buy of a level, when the manufacturer defers the conveyance of a similar level, the rate at which the developer pays is just about @ 1 – 2 % demonstrating an unjustifiably stacked contract.

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